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Tennis and more tennis, with a twist

Once upon a time, there was a site known as BATennis World, which has since, like its first incarnation, Running Forehand, lost its server. But talking about tennis is something that I can’t stop doing with a snap of the fingers. So here is a new way to tennis: with a twist, with sensations, with things further than simple results, and in both English and French. Welcome to Kick Serve!

Who am I?

Caroline Paquin by my full name, Caro Paquin for most, Madame Caroline for the pupils, Caro Paquín (yes, with the accent) for the folks in Argentina, it’s all the same tennis nut I’ve been for years and years, my opinionated self, huge Andy Murray fan since the start of his professional career, still immensely into Argentinian tennis (as I’ve been since La Legión), and stats lover (sorry, not sorry for that). This said, regardless of my personal preferences, if I write about a match or a result, I remain objective, unless I am giving my opinion, that is.

Some of you might also know me for my book blog, Caro’s Reads, where I talk about another of my big passions: books and reading, with reviews of my favourite authors and of everything I read.

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